About Us

Timeless and understated, this is a venue that stands out among the rest. The Grosvenor Family are always happy to welcome new and regular patrons. 

Every hour is

Happy Hour

at the grosvenor hotel

Our History

Built in 1886, the Grosvenor Hotel is one of Perth’s oldest operating pubs. Steeped with history and stories to tell, this modern renovated building still holds homage to its heritage features. Surrounded by exposed brick, gabled ceilings and this iconic landmark has been given a new vibrancy thanks to its passionate owner, Richard Moody. 


Giving gratitude to materials once used by the building as a guest house back in the Victorian period, this structure is a history lesson waiting to be uncovered. Rest against the bar and admire the bespoke wooden surface as it holds your drink. View the historic pictures in the cafe area, and regard the frames once used as the buildings skirting. This fortress of stories has been extended to include the full functioning kitchen, where our team of experienced staff are ready to make your delicious upmarket meals or share plates. 


“This cosy house is right opposite the Royal Mint. Doesn’t that make you mouth water?” TRUTH, Saturday. December 20. 1913″